iStock_98593235_LARGE.jpgHave you ever heard the saying: There’s no crying over spilled milk? While the phrase itself may mean something irrelevant to the actual spilling of milk, one of our clients learned first-hand how damaging it can be to actually spill gallons of milk from a tank. This story may seem terrible, but we promise, with the help of our team at Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc., there was a happy ending.

One day while loading milk from a farmer’s tank, our client, who is a milk hauler, was shocked by the fact that the tank imploded causing damage to the farmer’s tank and loss of product (milk). The claim was reported to the insurance companies that provided the General Liability, Cargo, and Auto policies. General Liability company denied the claim and pushed it to the Auto policy. The Auto policy company pushed it to the Cargo policy. The Cargo policy company pushed it back to the General Liability policy. This back and forth discussion left our client feeling confused and frustrated.

The Claim Advocacy Team at Haylor worked hard to investigate what had happened. Between all parties involved, it was discovered that the driver of the milk truck did not open an air vent which caused the implosion. Through persistence and carefully presenting the facts of the loss, Haylor convinced the Auto Policy company to cover the loss, who then allowed for over $16,000.00 in damage to the milk tank.

Many of us have been in a situation like this where we need somewhere to turn for advice or assistance when it comes to insurance coverage. The team at Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. has the knowledge and reputation to provide advice when it comes to filing your claim.