iStock_51578966_LARGE.jpgCar accidents can be complicated when a rental car is involved!

In some instances, it is difficult to know who exactly is at fault and how the claim should be filed. Emotions can run wild when trying to handle an insurance claim if your carrier is less than caring about the individual circumstance. Automated systems have paved the way for a less than personal experience when filing and questions that need answers may be swept under the rug. Insurance professionals with Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. understand the needs of the customer and are ready to work one on one for a quick solution to a complicated and frustrating event such as a car accident. Continue to read the following success story on how the Haylor commitment to professional and personal experience helped one of many clients:

While driving a rental car one day, our client was hit by another party. The fact that our client was driving a rental car made the situation more complicated. He turned to Haylor for assistance with the appropriate steps to take to ensure that the rental company would get the money needed for the claim and that it wouldn’t need to come from our client’s pocket. The Claim Advocacy Team at Haylor contacted the other driver and asked for their insurance information. They did not wish to provide this but they did admit fault and agreed to pay for the damage out of pocket. This became more complicated because the vehicle was returned to the rental car company. Haylor reached out to the rental car company and tracked down the repair estimate. Then, they had to track down the other driver and secure payment. Because our client wanted to know that the money was paid to the rental company, we ensured that the other driver paid Haylor and Haylor then paid the rental company.

These steps are not typical of a large insurance company, but the team at Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. is anything but typical. Why settle for a company that won’t step out of the box to find a solution to best serve their number one asset? We put our clients first in order to insure all that they value.